Why Therapy?

As individuals, we all experience life’s ups and downs and are often frustrated or challenged by situations where we feel stuck, see no way out or feel like giving up.

We all have encountered challenging moments when we felt overwhelmed and needed some form of support.

We may struggle alone with a personal or emotional crisis.

We may feel anxious, depressed, or hopeless with our situation.

We may be looking for an empathetic and listening ear. 

Having a personal therapist is like having a personal trainer in the gym. The fitness trainer stretches your bodily muscles while we stretch your mind and train your brain muscles.  An understanding personal therapist, like a personal fitness trainer, understands your needs and can recommend and offer you the most beneficial customised wellness program and services.

There is no harm for you to be supported by a personal therapist who will journey with you through life challenges and difficulties.

At TTS, you can enjoy our complimentary initial session and experience a personal therapy with us. Regardless of your race, religion or social economic status, you are always welcome at TTS.  So why hesitate? Call us now…