What Services do We Provide?

Therapist Thrift Shop (TTS) is a community-based second-hand thrift shop that funds a Wellness Program to promote resilience.

TTS’s primary focus is your total wellbeing. Our repertoire of services includes individual therapy, career, and job coaching, mental health counselling, pre-marital counselling, couple therapy, family therapy, pre-marital workshop, parenting course and group therapy for youths, parents, couples and families.

TTS’s therapist seeks to provide personalised therapy via different platforms: e-chat, e-therapy online or face to face sessions to cater to the needs of our clients.

To equip our community, we offer wellness program. such as wellness talk, inspirational and motivational talk, workshop and customised training program to build our community resilience. We are also happy to offer resilience group therapy for youths, women, couples, and parents and all are welcome to register their interest.

For further enquiries, please email us enquiries@therapistthriftshop.com or Whatsapp 82577300 for an appointment.