Still Not Sure If U Are Ready to Meet Us?

As with all new life experiences, we may be shy, anxious or intimidated. We may be afraid of getting hurt, being judged or being vulnerable. We may be embarrassed or hesitate and not sure if we should take that first step.

At TTS, you can be assured of a safe and private space for you to share your worries, sadness and woes. If it’s too daunting to give us a call, you can Whatsapp us, e-chat with us or e-meet us for a nice conversation instead of a face-to-face physical session.

At TTS, we believe in giving choices and you do have a choice. So let’s go easy and start somewhere where you are ready and comfortable. Take your time to choose, there is no need to rush into it and there is no one pressuring you.

You can register for our monthly group therapy session to meet our therapist or schedule an appointment for an online or face to face session. First session consultation and assessment are provided free for all new TTS members, and all are welcome.