Indicative Fees

Indicative Fees 

Therapy, Coaching and Consultation:

Complimentary first consultation via e-chat or e-therapy online on Zoom (45min) or face to face session (1-1.5 hour).

Subsequent sessions a nominal fee of $40 per session (1-1.5 hour) face-to-face.

To ensure we leave no one out, we provide subsidies or  waivers for students, seniors, unemployed clients or families with financial difficulty. Clients can opt for waiver or give a token of appreciation (any amount) instead of paying for our regular professional service fees.

Crisis call service is available for existing clients where support is needed and subject to therapist availability.

Wellness Program

Group Therapy are available for Youth, Couple or Parents.

Fees: $10 per person per focused group therapy session. Early birds discount is available up to 50%.

Wellness Talk & Training Workshop will be conducted as per monthly schedule if the minimum size of 10 is achieved.

Fees: $10 per person per session or topic. Early birds discount is available up to 50%.

For more info, click on New! Wellness Mini Talk Series page or the Wellness Mini Talk Series poster.

*Registration is required for both group therapy, wellness talk and workshops.

Group training is available and fees vary according to the topics and group size. Group registration is required. For  enquiries, please email