Testimonies for counselling, coaching, training and teaching:

Post Counselling, therapy and career or job coaching survey responses (2022-2023):

What do you think of the duration of the session? 

What do you like about the session?

Good. Having an outlet to talk about what i’m going through and things i can do to improve on.

It was okay. I Like that i could talk about my life

Nothing. The counsellor was friendly.

More than enough, but felt bad for over timing Everything, I can’t really pinpoint a certain aspect.

Just Nice. Giving Feedback 

Would love to talk to Brenda longer. Brenda is very experienced and always finds the problem quickly.

Would you return for more sessions?

Would you recommend our therapist to your friends or family? Why?

Yes, I do. yes

Yes, I do. Yes, it was a nice and welcoming environment 

Yes, I do. Maybe 

Yes, I do. Yes because the therapist is very friendly and caring.

Yes, I do. Yes. She is very experienced. 

Yes, I do. Yes, in fact, trying to get a friend to come.

How was the session helpful for you and/or your loved ones?

Can help us break toxic mentalities 

Let me know about myself more 

Yes it has been even on the first day

Help to network and talk to people in a relaxed environment

Feel more able to deal with job and work stress


Feedback from participants who attended Brenda’s workshop:

Brenda is awesome. So on point even though super fast.

Brenda is an excellent trainer. Clear and great examples and good pacing.

Program is well structured & Brenda is excellent.

It was great! The trainer was really forthcoming and friendly and really aid us during the role play session.

Thoroughly enjoyed & learn much from the professional model/teaching.

The slides were very clear and explanation by the trainers were very effective. All the trainers and facilitators were very professional and knowledgeable . Thank you so much.

Career Development Coaching:

Working with Brenda was a pleasure. I found her as someone who has excellent expertise and in-depth knowledge of career planning know-how. Brenda is profoundly knowledgeable and responsible Coaching & Development Specialist. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in Management execution. Result driven, experienced and efficient team player. Deliver results and move on. That’s Brenda’s way. Brenda always maintain an excellent relationship with co-workers and clients. Certainly worth recommending. Ho Shu Yuan, Asst Principal Engineer

Teaching & Education:

Brenda has been a very committed and sincere worker who goes all out to do her best to achieve the best possible results. Mr Teo Ah Seong, Education Officer at MOE