Latest TTS update

Latest TTS Updates for Donors & Thrift Shoppers Oct 2023

Dear Donors & Thrift Shoppers,

Thank you for donating your pre-loved clothing and items, thrift shopping with TTS and supporting our work for the last 4 months from July to Oct 2023.

Although we have incurred more fuel and parking cost for providing complimentary home pick for our donors and ferrying the donations to our thrift shop, we managed to give a second life to many pre-loved clothing and items.

We would like to thank donors who came to our thrift shop to drop off their donations and helped us save on petrol and parking.  A big thank you for each and everyone of you who have become our donors, repeat donors and thrift shoppers. Your contribution, no matter how small has gone towards our operating cost and funding our non-paying clients who are students, unemployed and beneficiaries who are struggling financially.

Thank you for sharing our professional support services and encouraging your friends or loved ones to reach out to TTS. It is so encouraging to see everyone coming together to support this community initiative and to help build our community resilience. Please continue to look out for the vulnerable ones amongst your family, and social  circles or even your comrades at work. Together, we can provide early interventions to support and lower the risk of individuals or families going into an emotional or psychological crisis.

Just a quick update, we are slowly rolling out our 8 topic wellness workshop and the cost are absorbed mostly by TTS.  Similar to our Counselling, therapy and coaching, the fees are heavily subsidised for working people and waived for students, unemployed, and family members who have financial difficulty. The aim of these workshops is to equip our clients and participants with knowledge and skills, to enhance their coping strategies and build their personal resilience. Please share with your circles of friends and with those whom you think may benefit from the training sessions. For more info, you could refer to our page on the Wellness program.

Okay, that’s all for now. Please stay happy and safe and see you around!

Love, TTS

Dear Donors & Thrift Shoppers,

Time flies and it’s been 6 months since our last check in and we really missed chatting with you.

If you are curious about what we have been up to, we are happy to share that TTS has crossed our first year anniversary in May 2023 and here’s an update of our milestones from June 2022 to Apr 2023.

To date, we have 1219 followers on IG, 1433 followers and 28K likes on Tiktok. Over a span of 1 year, we have

  1. Hosted 9 FAB events 
  2. Hosted everything at $2 and $5 sale, 222 NDP sale and 2 Mega Sale everything below $30 sales and 1 Indian Ethnic clothing sale.
  3. Created 100 IG posts and together with Winkwonk shop, we posted 42 videos on Tiktok to update our thrift shoppers 

Thank you all for being a part of our community wellness and recycling project and making it possible for TTS to achieve all the above. These little milestones may not seem like a big deal but they certainly mean a lot to us.

Thank you for following us and liking or sharing our IG posts and Tiktok videos. We are happy to  interact and connect with all our thrift shoppers and we look forward to your continuous support. 

Also,a quick update on our community support services, we have been:

  1. Seeing students, couples and working adults for therapy and support services.
  2. Contributing pre-loved children clothes, toys, plushies, towels, water bottles, stationery, blankets and bedsheets for orphanages in Indonesia and Phillipines
  3.  Working on our training materials and just launched our Wellness Mini Talk Series of 8 topics.

You may refer to our post on the Wellness mini talk series if you are interested to know more okay?

That’s all for now and catch up again soon! Love TTS