Latest TTS update

Latest TTS Updates for Donors & Thrift Shoppers Oct 2023

Dear Donors & Thrift Shoppers,

Thank you for donating your pre-loved clothing and items, thrift shopping with TTS and supporting our work for the last 4 months from July to Oct 2023.

Although we have incurred more fuel and parking cost for providing complimentary home pick for our donors and ferrying the donations to our thrift shop, we managed to give a second life to many pre-loved clothing and items.

We would like to thank donors who came to our thrift shop to drop off their donations and helped us save on petrol and parking.  A big thank you for each and everyone of you who have become our donors, repeat donors and thrift shoppers. Your contribution, no matter how small has gone towards our operating cost and funding our non-paying clients who are students, unemployed and beneficiaries who are struggling financially.

Thank you for sharing our professional support services and encouraging your friends or loved ones to reach out to TTS. It is so encouraging to see everyone coming together to support this community initiative and to help build our community resilience. Please continue to look out for the vulnerable ones amongst your family, and social  circles or even your comrades at work. Together, we can provide early interventions to support and lower the risk of individuals or families going into an emotional or psychological crisis.

Just a quick update, we are slowly rolling out our 8 topic wellness workshop and the cost are absorbed mostly by TTS.  Similar to our Counselling, therapy and coaching, the fees are heavily subsidised for working people and waived for students, unemployed, and family members who have financial difficulty. The aim of these workshops is to equip our clients and participants with knowledge and skills, to enhance their coping strategies and build their personal resilience. Please share with your circles of friends and with those whom you think may benefit from the training sessions. For more info, you could refer to our page on the Wellness program.

Okay, that’s all for now. Please stay happy and safe and see you around!

Love, TTS

Dear Donors & Thrift Shoppers,

Time flies and it’s been 6 months since our last check in and we really missed chatting with you.

If you are curious about what we have been up to, we are happy to share that TTS has crossed our first year anniversary in May 2023 and here’s an update of our milestones from June 2022 to Apr 2023.

To date, we have 1219 followers on IG, 1433 followers and 28K likes on Tiktok. Over a span of 1 year, we have

  1. Hosted 9 FAB events 
  2. Hosted everything at $2 and $5 sale, 222 NDP sale and 2 Mega Sale everything below $30 sales and 1 Indian Ethnic clothing sale.
  3. Created 100 IG posts and together with Winkwonk shop, we posted 42 videos on Tiktok to update our thrift shoppers 

Thank you all for being a part of our community wellness and recycling project and making it possible for TTS to achieve all the above. These little milestones may not seem like a big deal but they certainly mean a lot to us.

Thank you for following us and liking or sharing our IG posts and Tiktok videos. We are happy to  interact and connect with all our thrift shoppers and we look forward to your continuous support. 

Also,a quick update on our community support services, we have been:

  1. Seeing students, couples and working adults for therapy and support services.
  2. Contributing pre-loved children clothes, toys, plushies, towels, water bottles, stationery, blankets and bedsheets for orphanages in Indonesia and Phillipines
  3.  Working on our training materials and just launched our Wellness Mini Talk Series of 8 topics.

You may refer to our post on the Wellness mini talk series if you are interested to know more okay?

That’s all for now and catch up again soon! Love TTS 

Promotion Sales event

Wefies with Our Therapist


Thrift Shoppers,

Here’s the Wefies we have taken in Sept FAB event. Thank you for thrifting with us and being part of our memories in 2022.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!  Love, TTS

Promotion Sales event

FAB “Fill a Bag” Event by TTS June 2023

Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Time flies and it’s mid-year now. How’s everyone doing?

Just a quick hello to kick-start our upcoming FAB which is just around the corner. Please mark your calendar and remember to keep your next weekend free to join us for our June FAB.

There will be many varieties of tops, bottoms, dresses, outer wear and good buys for you to pick from and the best part is we will be keeping the price tag at $10 a bag for the FAB event.

The dates will be announced soon on our social media so look out for our updates on our IG, Tiktok or FB okay><

Cya! Love, TTS 



Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year^^

We have been busy at TTS and totally missed all the fun chatting with you on our website. Here’s the latest updates.

As we bid goodbye to 2022 and usher the new year in 2023, we would like to thank all of you who have supported TTS for the last 7 months. Whether you have supported our random sales promo or our regular month-end FAB events, we appreicate all the time you spent at our thrift shop. We are grateful that all of you have been contributing to TTS’s growth and your support has kept us going for the past 7 months!

TTS is preparing to throw a big FAB to surprise all our thrift shoppers and we will update our IG, FB and TT soon. Ahhah, we are excited to bring you our last FAB for 2022 and we hope to close our 2022 in a blast. There will be a good mix of varieties and good quality clothing ranges from XS to Plus size for both sexes and clothing for children too. Come and join us soon and don’t miss our last FAB for 2022, while stock last:-) Keep a look out for our next update on our social media and cya soon!


Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Sept FAB was a blast and thanks to the support and generosity of our community donors, we were able to offer a variety of pre-loved clothing in various sizes ranging from XS to Plus size and have a small section for our male thrift shoppers. We hope TTS can be a happy place for everyone regardless of race and ethnicity as we embrace our multicultural spirit of giving and sharing.

To date, Therapist Thrift Shop has hosted 4 FAB Fill a Bag promo events for our community thrift shoppers since June this year. For those of you who are new to us, FAB is a monthly or bi-monthly event hosted by us to offer affordable pre-loved clothing and items to our community. Thrift shoppers can fill a bag (standard size provided by us) for a fixed amount e.g. $10, $15 or $18. The frequency of FAB and the pricing depends on the stock level and the quality of our existing stock. We may host FAB monthly or bi-monthly depending on our community donations and you may be in for a treat when we are clearing some of our items.

If you have missed Sept FAB, fred not, there is always another round, and we will update our Instagram and Facebook on our upcoming sales and FAB so please follow us on our social media. We hope our FAB event and promotions can continue to bring you joy and happiness and we are looking forward to meeting new friends soon.

Will update this post again in Nov.

Stay well and happy always, Love, TTS


Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Thank you for coming to our FAB Fill a Bag event in Sept. We hope you enjoyed shopping at TTS and are happy with your thrift haul. It was such a pleasure and joy watching all the thrift shoppers selecting items to fill their bags. The event is still on for the last 4 days from Tues to Fri (27-30 Sept) and while stock last. So, please continue to share with your friends and loved ones. We will keep you posted on our instagram and facebook and looking forward to seeing you again soon^^ Stay tuned!

Love, TTS

Dear Thrift Shoppers,

We had a FAB event called “Fill a Bag” @$15 promo in June during the school holiday and it was fun to see thrift shoppers coming in to find good bargains.

So, we decided to bring back our FAB promo in July from 28th to 31st July from 12nn to 6pm. Come and join us this weekend and see if you can take home pre-loved clothing and items for yourselves and your loved ones. These gems still have many years in them, and we would love to bring them to you in our monthly sale. Come with a friend and you can squeeze as many pieces as you like and fill your bag at $18 (we are using a bigger bag this month). The cost can be shared with a friend and each piece can be as low as $1!

The sales proceeds will go to offsetting the cost of running TTS and to support the community work that we are offering.

There is also a corner of freebies available for you to ‘take away’ to encourage reuse, recycle and reduce wastage.

So, hurry, be the early birds to select your items and all are welcome! Love, TTS 

Thank you Donors

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community Donors


Dear Donors,

It has been a while and you must be wondering how is TTS doing…^^

Our sincere apologies for not updating our website as frequently as we would love to. We have been swamped by work but rest assured that we will keep our eyes on our shared goal-promoting community wellness, resilience and minimizing wastage by giving pre-loved clothing and items a second life.

We are happy to share that in response to our appeal, many donors have responded positively to TTS’s calling for pre-loved clothing and items donations.

Some of you found us on Carousell, some of you found us on our social media (IG, TikTok or FB) and some of you just walked into our thrift shop by chance. Regardless of how you found us, many of you have been contributing generously to our cause and there are also ‘repeat donors’ who truly give from their hearts.

We were so touched when you reached out to us, whether for the first time or as our repeat donors. Some of you even helped to share stories or posts of TTS on your own IG, TikTok account, on Lemon8 and other social media platforms. We were so encouraged that some of you rallied for TTS and encouraged your loved ones, family members, and your friends to come forward to give their support. For those who have donated your pre-loved items or clothing or rallied for us, we want you to know that we appreciate all your contributions. Thank you so much for believing and supporting us.

Even though there are more thrift shops, second-hand shops or flea markets in the current market now that before, TTS will continue to strive towards our shared goals and shall not lose sight of what we were set up to do-to make professional services available, accessible, and affordable for all and to help reduce wastage.

By far, we have helped channel our collections of donated children clothing, small toys and plushies, reusable and reasonably cleaned items like bed sheets and school bags to overseas orphanages and refugee camps through our partners’ network and Churches. We have also donated to support local charities like Chinese medicine hall which offers free treatment for elderly and supported Hong Ho Elderly Centre.  It is the hope of TTS to do good and in time to come, we hope we can go beyond survival and be in the position to give or do more for our local community. Till then, please continue to support or bless our work ^^

Shall update and keep you posted again… Stay safe, happy and healthy.  Love TTS 







Dear Donors,

Wishing you Merry Xmas and a happy new year.

2022 is drawing a closure and 2023 is the beginning of new and exciting journey together. Thank you for being the driving forces behind TTS. Without all your generous donations, TTS will not be able to offer good quailty clothing and pre-loved items at low prices to help our community in cost saving and to drive this recycling and reusing project. We are happy to share that many items you donated have found their new owners.

We are grateful that many of you chose to drop off your donations at our thrift shop which helped us greatly in our cost savings (time, petrol and energy). The sustainability of our ‘Not for Profit’ thrift shop and community support operation is counting on our donors and thrift shoppers and yes, you are the driving forces for our commuity thrift shop and recycling project. We appreciate that many of you have shared TTS within your social circle and help to generate awareness to your friends and family. Thank you so much for doing that and for helping us to grow our pool of community donors.

You will be glad to know that to date, and on your behalf, TTS has made 3 rounds of donations, to bless children in orphanage in Nia and Batam in Indonesia, and the Phillipines. We also donated 4 bags of torn or stained clothing to to support their recycing project in Dec. We will continue to work with our partners to share your blessings and donations and we assure you that we will try to reuse and recycle as much as we could to drive sustainability and to minimize wastage.

We will continue to serve our donors by offering complimentary home pick up for those who need it, pass our cost savings to our thrift shoppers and use the proceeds to cover our operating cost and to fund our community program and services. Looking forward to your continuous support in 2023 and to bring blessings to all.  Will keep you posted again in Jan or Feb. Stay safe everyone^^

Love, TTS

Dear Donors,

Hope you are safe, well and happy wherever you are^^

We would like to give our thanks to all of you who have contributed to TTS clothing donation drive in Aug/Sept. Some of you had also donated reusable items that we are using in our community thrift shop, selling in our shop or on Carousell and giving away as freebies to bless our thrift shoppers.

Thank you for reaching out to us, sharing TTS with your friends and loved ones and helping to spread love and blessings around. With your continuous love and support, TTS will continue to grow and serve our community well. Our goal is to drive a sharing and giving spirit and to build a happier and more resilient community. As our pool of donors and thrift shoppers continue to grow, we are making TTS’s presence felt and creating awareness of our services and a step closer to serving the needs of our beneficiaries.

Thank you for being with us and believing in us. Together we can do more. Here’s a glimpse of our collections in Aug and Sept:

Stay well and keep in touch^^

Love, TTS

Dear Donors,

Hope you are kicking well^^

It has been a hectic month in July and we have been running around picking up donations from kind donors. Thank you for supporting our clothing drive and community project and for giving so generously and whole-heartedly.

We are very encouraged by some of you who ‘found’ us and many of you who shared our links, liked our posts and following us on our social media. A big thank you to those who have reached out to us and dropped off your pre-loved clothing at our thrift shop too.

TTS is almost 3-month-old now and we are so blessed that our followers on social media and the number of donors who contributed have grown! TTS is happy to be this driving force of giving and receiving and we welcome all to join us and embark on this journey. Let’s continue to share our pre-loved clothing, send our love around and bring happiness to all!

We look forward to meeting new or repeated donors in the upcoming months and we certainly hope you will help to share TTS clothing donation drive, our support and services to people you care about.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the gems we have collected in July…

Nice catching up and may we look forward to sharing more joy and happiness and updating this post again in Aug. Cya soon and stay well! Love, TTS


Dear Donors,

Thank you very much for connecting with us and donating your pre-loved clothing and items in May.

Though TTS is one month old and still a baby, we have received so much of love and support from our community donors in just 1 month!

We are very touched and encouraged by our community giving spirit and words can’t expressed our deepest thanks to each and every one of you^^

We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming months and we certainly hope you will help to spread the words around and introduce TTS to your friends, family, colleagues or even your friendly neighbours. After all, good things are meant to be shared right? Aha^^

Here’s a glimpse of some of the items we have collected in Apr, May and June:

These ‘treausures’ have undoubtedly brightened up the faces of many who patronized our thrift shop in May. Yes, it’s you, don’t turn your head, your gifts have brought smiles to many of our thrift shoppers and I’d like to share their joy with you here.

So, let’s keep it up and continue our journey…this post will be updated in July so see you around!    Love, TTS

Thank you Shoppers

Thank You Thrift Shoppers

Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year^^

We have been busy at TTS and totally missed all the fun catching up with you on our website. Here’s the latest updates for Dec 2022.

As we bid goodbye to 2022 and usher the new year in 2023, we would like to thank all of you who have supported TTS for the past 7 months. Whether you have supported our random sales promo or our regular month-end FAB events, we are grateful that all of you have been contributing to TTS’s growth and you are the No. 1 reason why we are still here^^ TTS is thankful to have the opportunity to serve all our thrift shoppers and bring cost savings to all.

A Big thank you to many of you who, not only buy from TTS, but also donated your pre-loved clothing and items to support our cause. We look forward to your continous support and partnerships and to serve our community in 2023 and for many years to come.We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends at our upcoming FABs and promo events.

May all of you be happy, healthy and safe.

Love, TTS

Dear Thrift Shoppers,

It was great having you back in Aug and Sept and thank you so much for your support for these two months. Special thanks go to those who have shared their thrift hauls on TikTok to share TTS (WinkWonk Shop) and our FAB events with their friends and loved ones. It was fun meeting our new thrift shoppers from different parts of our island too^^

We would like to thank some of you who, not only came to TTS to shop but also brought along your pre-loved clothing to donate to TTS to support our cause too. We are very touched by your gesture of love, spirit of sharing and generosity.

Oct is near and winter is just around the corner, so, we have lined up special promotion of Winter wear, evening/dinner/party wear and some labels that we all love (Zara, MNG, Polo, Puma, Adidas, Nike and etc)to excite you in the months to come. Remember to follow our TTS Instagram or Facebook or Tik Tok video and come by our thrift shop for some good bargains and blessings from our community donors.

Above all, stay safe, happy and cya soon!

Love, TTS


Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Thank you for visiting TTS and supporting us in June and July.  These two months have been exciting and memorable because of your presence and participation. ^^

Many of you had joined us in June for our FAB “fill a bag” event during the school holiday and it was fun to see you flipping through our piles of clothing and squeezing your FAB bag with clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. We hope you enjoyed it and had fun playing with different styles with the items you picked. We apologise that some of you had left empty-handed as you could not find stuff that you like in our last FAB event, and we hope you would find something you like this time round.

We are seeing more donors coming forward to support our donation drive in June and July and we have collected a variety of men and women clothing from XS to Plus size. We are happy to share that with the support of our community donors, we are ‘well-stocked’ and able to bring back our FAB promo in July to bring saving for all our thrift shoppers and bargain lovers.

May we look forward to continuing this journey as we work hard to keep this project and our community initiative going for the upcoming months from Aug all the way to Dec 2022. In the months to come, we will be rolling out wellness talks, and you can look forward to meeting our therapist in individual or group setting and to connect with us beyond thrifting. TTS is more than an ordinary thrift shop remember?  It’s a place filled with love, and you are all welcome to connect with us or register for our talks or wellness program. We have updated our website and you may like to invite your family and friends to check out our website or social media for more info or updates too.

Okay, that’s all for July and we will update you again for Aug. Cya!

Love, TTS 


Dear Thrift Shoppers,

Thank you for visiting and supporting TTS in May.

Time flies and we are one month old now, aha!

We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming months and hope you will help to spread the words around and bring your friends along… after all, shopping is more fun when we can find great bargains with our kakis right? ^^

Hope you will all be a part of our memory in 2022.

See you around!    Love, TTS



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